Sammlung Walter laboratory: Knitted overalls for an art performance.

Resistance of Bodies / Persistance of Sound

The performance Resistance of Bodies / Persistence of Sound by Angela Anzi was shown at Kunstverein Harburger Bahnhof. The work explores the relationship between object, sound and the performative, with the aim of creating a performance in which sculptural, dance and musical aspects are replaced by each other. Bodiesboth human bodies and objects made of clayare explored as malleable matter and worked with methods of sculptural and choreographic practice. The focus is on the sounding body, which oscillates between the solid fired clay body and the soft permeable human body.

In close cooperation with artist Angela Anzi, Sammlung Walter developed the knitted overalls for the performance, which visualize the dialogue of human bodies and the objects.
Knitted Overalls
Angela Anzi
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